custom theme blog (Drupal 9)

Working closely with our client, we revamped's blog to reflect their preferred style.
We seamlessly migrated all existing content and user data, ensuring a smooth transition.
With a focus on simplicity and elegance, we implemented the new design and added custom touches for a polished finish.
The result is a modernized blog that perfectly complements Truity's aesthetic and engages their audience effortlessly.

Technologies: (based on Drupal 8 Open Social) is the first social networking site to create and share online mind maps for free.
You can also create private mind maps and open or closed groups.

We implemented it based on Drupal 8 Open Social distribution. We fully implemented the mindmaps engine based on JavaScript.

Imperial Sugar Drupal 8 website theming and updates

Here we were given a partially done Drupal 8 back-end for the website. It appeared to be in quite a bad state - hacked modules, not a "Drupal way" coding, etc.
Our job was to theme this website and to implement some new features. Of course, it was quite a difficult task given the fact that the code base was not reliable.
So we had to apply various fixes on the way.
It was a very challenging project, but we managed to deliver the updates our client requested.

Industries: port to Drupal 8 is an educational website listing helpful materials on various school subjects. The project was to port the website from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8, totally revamp the user interface and implement a number of new features.
Industries: migration from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7, custom theme implementation

This is a follow up project for
This website with complex custom Drupal modules (implemented by us) was successfully migrated to Drupal 7, and got a "facelift" - we implemented a custom responsive theme for it.

This was a challenging project, and we all - our team and our customer - celebrated its completion! :-)


iBlink is a service that provides richer experience for conferences. With iBlink, your audience sees on their smart phone, tablet or computer the slide being presented live. They can immerse themselves completely in the presentation by taking digital notes on individual slides, bookmarking slides for future reference, navigating to previous slides and downloading the slides with their own notes and bookmarks.
Industries: theming

Our team performed the site audit, implemented major improvements on the site, especially in the theme, and helped the client to launch the site.


An advanced web portal for sailors, fully built by us.
Later it was customized by the client.


We created this Drupal site from scratch in collaboration with Landon Poburan agency - they created graphic designs for it.



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