Psychology blog (Drupal 9)

Working closely with our client, we revamped's blog to reflect their preferred style.
We seamlessly migrated all existing content and user data, ensuring a smooth transition.
With a focus on simplicity and elegance, we implemented the new design and added custom touches for a polished finish.
The result is a modernized blog that perfectly complements Truity's aesthetic and engages their audience effortlessly.

Technologies: migration from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7, custom theme implementation

This is a follow up project for
This website with complex custom Drupal modules (implemented by us) was successfully migrated to Drupal 7, and got a "facelift" - we implemented a custom responsive theme for it.

This was a challenging project, and we all - our team and our customer - celebrated its completion! :-)

Industries: maintenance & development

Our team started working on this project indirectly in September 2011 - we implemented a custom personality test module for and a number of related sites (belonging to one customer, for example, This Drupal module is a powerful tool for building complex tests, and the tests on the current sites are all made with this module.

Online media store

A simple online store for selling media (audio, video, CDs, DVDs, books). Implemented based on Ubercart and Drupal 6.

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