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Imperial Sugar Drupal 8 website theming and updates

Here we were given a partially done Drupal 8 back-end for the website. It appeared to be in quite a bad state - hacked modules, not a "Drupal way" coding, etc.
Our job was to theme this website and to implement some new features. Of course, it was quite a difficult task given the fact that the code base was not reliable.
So we had to apply various fixes on the way.
It was a very challenging project, but we managed to deliver the updates our client requested.


Tactile Communication and Neurorehabilitation Laboratory website

We implemented this Drupal website for our partner Glowing Mind who then filled the site with content and delivered to the end client.

Technologies: theming

The customer provided the graphic design, and we created a custom Drupal 6 theme for their site.

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