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Whether you’re an individual, business or professional you can rent, buy or sell anything, from anywhere in multiple languages on Corporation helps companies, especially those starting up to save and make money by offering free ad postings and very economical banner advertising in English, Spanish and French. As an added optional benefit, professional translators are also available to help any company interested in exploring new markets by translating their ads for a very minimal fee.

Buyers and renters also save time in their search for products to buy or rent by posting free requests and then being notified automatically by email when a rental or product matches their needs.

A community discussion board is also available to allow renters, rental owners and suppliers to ask questions, learn tips, receive advice and discuss topics with other professionals within the industry.

“Owning a rental business myself, I learned over the years that I had the same needs as so many others in the industry and was therefore inspired to create a “one-stop” place for the rental community,” said Claudia Schmidt, CEO of Corporation. “When developing the website my first priority was that it had to be simple and very easy to use, so that even a newcomer to the Internet would feel comfortable navigating it to discover the many opportunities available by the click of a mouse.”


Customer Testimonials

  • Superb team! Professional and talented! You will not be disappointed.

    Claudia Schmidt, CEO at RIC Corporation
  • I had been struggling with my project for 5 years now with previous developers that were unprofessional and unexperienced. I almost gave up hope, until I started working with Dmitry and his team from Code your Dream. They made sure they understood my requirements and scoped out the details before starting. And Dmitry's English is flawless. They estimate the hours and funds required for each task, and were very flexible to accommodate the timelines to meet my budget. They ask great questions, make honest suggestions and are very helpful, patient and responsive to my queries. I have my dream back thanks to them and plan to keep them on board even after the project is fully completed because with great developers, the sky becomes the limit. I am truly appreciative, thank you for a great first iteration, I look forward to I2! Keep up the great work! Spasibo! Thank you! Merci! Gracias!

    Claudia Schmidt, CEO at RIC Corporation