Upwork proposal: Updating Drupal website (ANFIQ website)

I am an IT consultant and manager with strong software development background and MA in computer science & maths. I am also the leader of Code Your Dream - a team of professional Drupal developers located in Russia. For several years we've been in the top 1% among all other software developers on Elance/Upwork.

My team is very small - there are only 4 of us, so there's a very big advantage in hiring us compared to individual freelancers and large agencies. We are flexible, quick, dedicated and our combined experience is enough to implement any task.

Regarding your question.
We use drush and git on a daily basis. We have our own git server (gitolite). We are familiar with Bitbucket, and we're using it in a couple of current projects (in one of them it's integrated with JIRA).


> What is your availability from now until February 2017? How many hours can you put in per week?

We are available for at least 30 hours/week, most likely more. We work on long-term projects with flexible workload and relatively flexible deadlines, and we have one contract ending soon, so we definitely can have at least one team member dedicated to your project.

> Are you familiar with any Paypal payment module in Drupal? Please give any relevant details

Sure, we used a couple of PayPal modules in our past projects (one for Ubercart, another for Commerce). We even worked with MoneyScripts, which also has PayPal integration, which we extended at some point in the past.

> Do you have a remote server that can be used as a dev/test server?



> Please take a loot at the website and comment on what you make out of it. For example, what type of service does ANFIQ provide?

Not sure what kind of comments you expect.
As far as I understand, the website is generally about fundraising for charity organizations.
If you'd like to know my opinion on some details:
1. The website loads very slowly for some reason. Maybe it's a temporary or network issue, but maybe it's not. Perhaps we should look into this.
2. The structure of the website is a bit strange. For example, on http://www.anfiq.org/about-us there's no top menu.
3. The visual and logic of the top menu could be improved:
- there's no need in putting a link to the home page to the menu,
- search should be separate - currently it looks like a menu button, which is misleading
- all menu items could be placed in one line, and the vertical space could be used more efficiently
4. The horizontal space could be used more efficiently as well. On my 1680px wide screen there's too much of empty space - and on the other hand the fonts are so small that it's a bit hard to read.
5. The website is responsive, but not adapted to 320px wide screens. On 768px screen the menu takes too much space.

These are just my first observations. Not sure if that's what you expected, but this should be a valuable feedback anyway.

I'm happy to answer any questions you have.
Please check our website: http://codeyourdream.com. And let me know what type of service does Code Your Dream provide :-)

Looking forward to hearing from you.