Upwork proposal 2016-11-08: Drupal 8 developer

I am an IT specialist with over 12 years of experience and various skills. I am also an owner and CEO of Code Your Dream - a small team of experienced Drupal developers.

We can provide you a dedicated Drupal developer for your project(s). Please provide the details.

Since we don't have vast Drupal 8 experience yet (although we have vast Drupal experience overall), our rate for the first month of work is negotiable.


Please tell me your experience with Drupal 8.

We built a Drupal 8 website, and right now we're working on 2 custom modules for Drupal 8.
Since Drupal 8 is still relatively unstable, and since the demand for it is rather low, we've been working with Drupal 7 most of the time recently.