Upwork proposal 2016-11-01: Developer for Drupal 7 and Ubercart

I am the leader of Code Your Dream - a team of professional Drupal developers located in Russia. For several years we've been in the top 1% among all other software developers on Elance/Upwork.

We have very solid Drupal experience, and we're ready to start working on your project. Let's discuss the details.

Some quick facts about our team:
- we've been actively working with Drupal for over 8 years, completed over 200 various Drupal projects
- our team consists of senior Drupal developers only with at least BA degree in computer science
- we follow Drupal coding standards and best practices
- we can implement a project of any complexity in Drupal or PHP
- we integrated Drupal with many third-party APIs and services
- we use various modern tools like GitHub, BitBucket, JIRA, Redmine, etc.
- we constantly learn and improve
- we teach Drupal professionally
- we provide Drupal site quality and performance audit services

Please ping me if you are interested in our services.


How many Drupal 7 websites with Ubercart onlineshop did you finished in the last 12 month?

In the last 12 months - 0. Ubercart is actually a rather outdated solution, and there's a better alternative - Commerce. In our recent and current projects we've been using Commerce.

We used Ubercart in a number of our past projects, including rather complex ones.
Check out our portfolio at http://codeyourdream.com/featured-projects.

Are you using the function features at Drupal to store all configurations ad the DB?

It's not the function, but a module, and yes, we use it in our current projects.

Are you expirienced with GITHUB ? If yes how long are you using the platform?

We've been on GitHub for several years.
However, I don't think you really need the GitHub experience. Perhaps you need git experience.

We know git very well, as we've been using it for years.

For how long are you developing with Drupal ?

8+ years.