Upwork proposal 2016-10-31: Stripe/Twilio API Integration


I am the leader of Code Your Dream - a team of professional Drupal developers located in Russia. For several years we've been in the top 1% among all other software developers on Elance/Upwork.

You can find some examples of our work in our job history and on our site: codeyourdream.com.

With our super-rich Drupal experience we have no doubts that we can successfully integrate Twilio and Stripe for your project.
I think this is actually one of our strongest points - we worked with many diffenent APIs, you can find some of them listed here: http://codeyourdream.com/tools-and-technologies

Here are other quick facts about our team:
- we've been actively working with Drupal for about 8 years, completed over 200 various Drupal projects
- our team consists of senior Drupal developers only, we have BA/MA degrees in computer science
- we follow Drupal coding standards and best practices
- we can implement a project of any complexity in Drupal or PHP
- we use various modern tools like GitHub, BitBucket, JIRA, Redmine, etc.
- we constantly learn and improve
- we teach Drupal professionally
- we provide Drupal site quality and performance audit services

If you are interested in our collaboration, please let me know.


Do you have any example sites with Twilio functionality that I have described? Such as Stripe Connect and Stripe Subscriptions. If so, link below.

You probably meant Stripe functionality here (because you mentioned Twilio in the next question).
No, we haven't worked with Stripe yet, as far as I remember.

Do you have any example sites with Twilio functionality that I have described? If so, link below.

We implemented integration with Twilio for http://page-out.com (we implemented the Drupal back-end for their mobile apps).

Have you worked on a marketplace before?

We completed over 200 projects so far, and worked with many different customers from large number of industries, and to be honest, I don't remember if we worked on a marketplace.
I think we implemented some kind of a simple marketplace on sejlnet.dk long ago.
Also, a similar functionality was available on some of the classified ad sites we developed.

Overall, I believe it doesn't really matter if we worked on a marketplace.
If we did, that could be a totally different marketplace.
If we did not, that doesn't mean that we can't work on your project.