Why Drupal is great for start-ups

When you’ve got a start-up business and you’re looking to impress with a stunning website, then it can get quite daunting. CMS platforms are all the rage these days because you no longer need to rely on a webmaster to make quick edits to your site, but you can do them yourself. CMS platforms allow those who do not know how to code to manage basic pages and posts themselves. The leading CMS right now are Drupal, WordPress and Joomla, with people giving different pros and cons about each one. This article discusses the benefits of Drupal and why it should be your CMS of choice for your start-up.

1. Drupal is flexible

The latest version of Drupal has addressed all the issues seen in previous versions. Many users complained of the shortcomings and these have now been addressed. It now allows users to keep their options open, which makes it ideal for start-ups, as they may not know which direction your business will go in. But Drupal will allow for expansion and future scaling and integration.

2. Responsiveness

It is a requirement by Google that websites these days are fully responsive across all devices. The Drupal CMS ensures that all websites are fully responsive on all mobile devices. The majority of internet users are now browsing websites from either a mobile or a tablet, so these people are actually your target audience when it comes to building websites. Luckily, Drupal caters for mobile friendly sites right out of the box.

3. No need for complex coding

Finally, you do not have to worry about complex code if you are looking to build a great website. You can produce an extremely complex website, with a ton of great features, without knowing how to code at all. That’s the beauty of a CMS. WordPress may be the most popular CMS, but it is more designed towards blogging. With Drupal, you can use modules to develop a sophisticated site that will outshine most WordPress sites. Note that although Drupal provides a ton of features out of the box even without custom coding (with help of community contributed modules available on Drupal.org), you still might require some tweaks on your site - even though many modules are very flexible and highly customizable, they can't cover all possible uses, especially if they are not typical. And that's where might need some consulting or experienced Drupal developers to code your dream :-) We'd be happy to assist.

4. Easy to scale up and integrate

When running a start-up, it is often a process of trial and error. What you thought would work initially, may not work at all. Therefore, you will need to change your whole business concept or structure. This is why Drupal is perfect for start-ups; with Drupal modules, it is easy to expand your business structure and add new features. Whether you’re running a small or large start-up, enjoy the growth possibilities that Drupal has to offer.

5. Improves the digital business

Drupal takes any business and helps it excel in the digital world. The world of business has drastically changed over the last few years and Drupal has kept up with the latest trends. Drupal understands that start-ups need more than just simple marketing and provides sophisticated methods for you to get your content out there. With its increased multilingual support, you are able to produce sites to keep up with the international business industry. Whatever your industry, if you are running a start-up and are looking for a reliable platform to build your website on, you will definitely want to take a closer look at Drupal.

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