Can't install PhoneGap app to iPhone 4 (iOS 7.1.2)

We ran into another issue with our PhoneGap / DrupalGap / Cordova app.
Just around a week ago (mid December 2016) we could successfully install it on our oldest iPhone with iOS 7.1.2.
But now the app won't install, even on the same code base and the same settings.

We use PhoneGap Build for building our apps.
And it looks like they updated Cordova version recently, so the minimum supported iOS version is 8.0.

We posted a forum topic asking for help:
And today we found the solution here:

It appears that it's possible to deploy the app built with current Cordova if you explicitly specify the iOS version in the configs like so:

<preference name="deployment-target" value="7.1.2" />

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