Free Drupal website audit

As a limited time offer Code Your Dream provides a FREE Drupal website audit service!

This service includes:

  • review of your website logs for issues
  • review of your website code for high-level issues
  • review of your website performance issues

As the result of this review you'll get the report with our notes on the current website state and the suggested recommendations.

You need this audit if (any of those apply):

  • your Drupal website runs very slow
  • you think your Drupal website was hacked
  • you hired a Drupal developer and you're not sure about the quality of their work
  • you plan to do some improvements on your Drupal website, but don't know what to start with
  • you just like getting free stuff :-)

Please note that we are a small team, and we won't be able to review hundreds of websites in a short period of time, so when you submit this form, please don't expect an instant review. We'll let you know how soon we can review your website.
We also can't guarantee that we'll process all requests if there are too many. So please be patient.
Finally, since it's a free service, we don't provide any warranty on it, and you should use the results at your own risk.

Alright, we should have written this, and now you're welcome to try our services!

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